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GW ST1 Moody Hues Fountain Pen

GW ST1 Moody Hues Fountain Pen

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The ST1 series of pens is our first full line featuring section trim rings. The Moody Hues ST1 is made from resin cast in-house and features an aluminum trim ring that sits flush with the section for an extremely comfortable writing experience. 

The cartridge/converter pen has a steel JoWo #6 nib and Schmidt K5 converter. The cap and body, with triple start threads, have gentle tapers and soft, rounded over cones at the ends.


Capped: 148.5mm (5 7/8") long
Body, tip to tail: 139mm (5 7/16") long
Section Diameter: 11.5mm at widest, 10mm at narrowest
Cap Diameter at base: 16.4mm
Body Diameter near threads: 14.3mm

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