About Jolly Roger Blanks

Through the course of his pen making career, GW Pens owner and artisan maker John Greco found another passion- casting resin blanks. The endless color combinations and swirls bore strong similarities to many of the wood blanks he works with, where you never quite knew what will be discovered inside.

Even better for John was combining resin and wood into hybrid blanks. This best-of-both-worlds approach offers both natural and man-made treasures combined into one piece. Whether the wood is a piece of live edge burl or wormy willow, the way the swirls of resin fill and adhere to the figure in the wood creates a heightened element of surprise to see the finished product.

In addition to these blanks, John has a wide range of unique materials he collected over the years. Recognizing he simply doesn't have the time to make all of these pieces into pens, John began offering his surplus 'treasures' to other makers, and Jolly Roger Blanks was born.

Today, Jolly Roger Blanks not only offers resin and hybrid blanks cast by John, but also historic and culturally significant material from History Salvaged, a company dedicated to saving Witness Wood relics, and Musikraft, a fully Fender licensed custom guitar neck and body manufacturer.

Makers are welcome to stop by the GW Pens brick and mortar store to shop the currently available Jolly Roger Blanks selection at:

4 S. Main St. Woodstown, NJ 08098
Phone: (856) 624-4763