Tree of Life

GW Pens has partnered with Dr. J. Paul Rand for an exclusive offer.

Dr. J. Paul Rand owns what is the last known Rowan Tree (aka the Tree of Life) grove in the United States and possibly the world. As these trees are dying out worldwide, Dr. Rand has found a grove on his property that is at least 135 years old.

The Tree of Life has an amazing lore dating back to Greek Mythology, then more prominently in Norse Mythology. The Norse would execute anyone who damaged a Rowan Tree because it was so sacred to them. In keeping with this lore, no wood is cut from the trees to make any of these pens- they will only be made from branches that have naturally fallen.

Dr. J. Paul Rand has chosen to work with GW Pens to be the exclusive pen maker for this project.

The Tree of Life also produces a bright red berry with a wide range of medicinal properties. The berry is part of the inspiration behind the design elements you'll find in the pen with parts from the trees being used in each of the 4 planned designs.

This project is currently moving from the planning/design phase and into the initial prototypes. You can get more information about Dr. J. Paul Rand, the tree, the berries, and the other products being made through Dr. Rand's site