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GW Dungeon Dice & Pen Set with Field Notes Character Journal - 1a

GW Dungeon Dice & Pen Set with Field Notes Character Journal - 1a

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Ready to embark on a new dungeon crawl? Be sure to grab your chest of necessities before you go! 

This wooden box unlatches to reveal a dragon themed ballpoint twist pen with hand cast resin and Matching hand cast resin dice! The pen and dice are easily kept together in the pictured wooden chest, with leather lined insert to keep the dice edges safe from the metal components of the pen.

Also included with this set is a Field Notes 5E character journal, helping you track everything you need to know about your character from the first roll of the dice!

The included dice are dense enough to have a nice weight to them, offering true “rolls” and not just stopping on whatever side they land on. 

The twist ballpoint pen uses the easily replaceable Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 Parker style cartridge. It’s antique brass dragon themed components with genuine Tigers Eye cabochon finial makes this the perfect companion pen for your next excursion.

Interested in a fully custom set with colors of your choice? Feel free to contact us to discuss the details!

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