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WWII Era 50 Caliber Rollerball

WWII Era 50 Caliber Rollerball

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This rollerball pen is housed inside of a 50 caliber shell fired in the 1940's from a P47 fighter plane during WWII Advanced Fighter Pilot Training. The shells were buried in the ground for nearly 70 years before they had to be dug out one by one when a racetrack was about to be built in the area.

A portion of each sale goes directly to the Millville Army Airfield Museum in Millville, NJ. This was home to the nation's first defensive air base and served as advanced training grounds for the P47 Thunderbolt fighter pilots. Only a limited number of shells are usable for this pen. The "43" stamped on the bottom shows the bullet was produced in 1943.

Each pen will include a Certificate of Authenticity. Once there are no more usable shells this listing will be removed from my website.

If shipped to a NJ address sales tax will be added at checkout. The pen uses a standard Schmidt style rollerball cartridge which can be replaced by unscrewing the front tip.

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