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USS New Jersey Teak Deck Battleship Fountain Pen

USS New Jersey Teak Deck Battleship Fountain Pen

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The USS New Jersey, also known as BB-62, is currently in dry dock for some repairs. This pen is made from a piece of the deck of the most decorated battleship in US Naval history. The pen includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

About the pen:

The resin for this pen was all cast in-house. The cap was made to have a battleship gray color to it, with lighter and darker bands running through the length giving it a great sense of depth. The stainless steel centerband is engraved "BB-62 USS NEW JERSEY" wrapping around. The entire cap was given a satin finish. 

The section is made to represent the blue ocean waters she sailed on during her 21 years of active service and features a highly polished stainless steel trim ring. The JoWo Steel nib is a Medium tip by default, but others are available. The pen is a cartridge/converter fill system and comes with a Schmidt K5 converter.

The teak wood body of the pen is fully lined with ebonite that comes out to form the threads for the cap. The beautiful (and unexpected) curly teak body has been given a shellac and oil finish that was hand rubbed through multiple coats. The finish was then knocked down to bring it more in line with the satin finish of the cap and feels absolutely silky-smooth. The body finial has a steel insert with the GW logo.

About the USS New Jersey:

BB-62 is an Iowa class battleship and was also known as "Big J" and "Black Dragon". 

Launched December 7th, 1942, BB-62 saw action in WWII off the coasts of Guam, Okinawa, and the Marshall Islands. In the Korean War she saw action off the coast of North Korea.

After the Korean War, she was deactivated until 1968 when she was reactivated to serve in Vietnam. After about a year she was again deactivated.

Big J would be reactivated once more in the 1980's, this time also being given an overhaul to carry modern missiles. She again saw action in 1983 in the Lebanese Civil War. She would go on to see action in the Persian Gulf before being decommissioned one final time in 1991.

Through her 21 years in active fleet service, the USS New Jersey accumulated 19 battle and campaign stars. A testament to both the ship and the crews who manned her through the years.

Once finished with dry dock repairs BB-62 will again serve as a museum ship in Camden, NJ where she has been since 2001. There, visitors can tour the deck, the captains lounge, the mess hall, as well as various other areas of the ship. 

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