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Jolly Roger Blanks

Hawaiian Koa Wood Turning Spindles Blanks

Hawaiian Koa Wood Turning Spindles Blanks

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These Koa turning spindles are great for projects that need larger blanks than standard pen blanks. Rich brown tones with varying degrees of figuring, each spindle is dry and ready to turn. Photos show each side of the actual blanks you will receive. They all measure 1.5” square with lengths listed below:

1. 14.25” (lightly figured)

2. 14” (nicely figured)

3. 14.25” (nicely figured)

4. 14.25” (lightly figured)

5. 11.75” (some spalted sapwood inclusion)

6. 7.75” (small void along one edge, nicely figured)

7. 6” (small piece missing near one end but highly figured)

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