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GW Sunburst Fountain Pen - Birds Eye Maple

GW Sunburst Fountain Pen - Birds Eye Maple

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GW Pens is proud to introduce the Sunburst line of pens! The name "Sunburst" is taken from the popular Sunburst style of guitar bodies, painted and stained to have bright orange centers fading out into reds before ending in black along the edges. The resin caps and sections, all cast in-house, incorporate these very colors.

The pen bodies are made of wood from the fully Fender licensed MusiKraft facility. All of the wood has been fully stabilized and sealed with a cyanoacrylate exterior. To ensure these are truly heirloom quality pieces, they are also all fully lined with Ebonite, extending to form the threads on the pen body.

In guitars, brass hardware can be used to add sustain to the notes. Here, solid brass trim has been added to the cap as a centerband as well as a matching piece of trim on the section. The body finial also has a piece of brass with the GW logo engraved.

The cap and body have gentle tapers, with the section having a comfortable pinched area for extended writing or musical composition sessions. The nib is a gold plated JoWo #6 using a cartridge/converter fill system. The default tip is Medium, but you can request Extra Fine, Fine, or Bold instead.

This pen is made with Bird's Eye Maple. The photos show the exact pen you are purchasing. Bird's Eye Maple is known for the tight circular areas of wood grain that look like the eye of a bird. Scientists don't know why this happens, and unlike most other grain anomalies, you can't tell if a tree will have this particular type of grain until the wood is cut open.

Some of the woods available for this pen (all from the MusiKraft facility) include:

  • Bird's Eye Maple
  • Bocote
  • Curly Maple
  • Roasted Bird's Eye Maple
  • Roasted Curly Maple
  • Rosewood
  • Wenge 

If there is a particular piece of wood you'd like to place an order for use in your new pen, please Contact Us to discuss lead times.

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