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Elements in Brass Fountain Pen


Designer: GW Pens

$ 650.00

Elements is a line of fountain pens with caps made from solid metal. I've applied a series of chemicals to create a patina, replicating the look of the metal having been left out in the elements.

Elements in Brass features a cap made from solid brass that was given a series of horizontal and vertical lines engraved into the cap before applying a chemical patina. Once the desired patina was achieved the cap was coated with a special clearcoat that is water resistant, UV resistant, and chemical resistant. This not only protects and seals the patina, but it also stops the oxidation process. Despite the clearcoat the cap maintains a high level of texture, letting you feel the bumps that naturally formed during the patination process.

This brass patina cap has been paired with a beautiful acetate body and solid black Juma section. The cap doesn't post to the back, but the body of the pen was made a little longer to ensure even people with larger hands will have plenty of pen to hold onto. The cartridge/converter pen is fitted with a JoWo #6 nib in your choice of polished steel or black oxide finish ranging from EF to 1.5 italic.

Despite the metal cap the entire pen weighs just 33 grams and measure just under 5.75" long when capped. The body weighs 13 grams and is a little less than 5.5" tip to tail. The pictures shown are of the actual pen you are purchasing with the capped pictures showing the full rotation of the pen.

**14k Gold nibs can be special ordered at a discounted rate of just $100 for the Elements pens only, please Contact me to order with a gold nib and I will be in touch to invoice you and discuss the nib specifics. Please allow an additional 2-3 weeks for the pen to ship if upgrading to a Gold nib. . Gold nibs are not eligible for additional discounts.

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