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Jolly Roger Blanks

Rowan Berry Tree of Life Pen Turning Blanks

Rowan Berry Tree of Life Pen Turning Blanks

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The Rowan Tree, also widely known as the Tree of Life, has a history spanning more than 4,000 years through various cultures and faiths. Vikings believed the first woman was cut from the Tree of Life and anyone found harming the tree was dealt with through corporal punishment. Thor was said to have been saved from being washed away down a river by grabbing onto a root of the Tree of Life. 

The tree has long been seen as a tree of knowledge, wisdom, and protection. So when Dr. Paul Rand discovered he had the oldest, last known Tree of Life grove in North America located on his property, The Orchard, he felt he had to honor the history of the tree as best he could. None of the trees are having branches cut. But each year he harvests the berries the trees produce and gathers branches that have fallen naturally.

Those berries have been specially treated and incorporated directly into these Rowan Berry Tree of Life blanks. Each alumilite blank is red with subtle gold undertones, representing the berry bunches found on the trees. Throughout the blanks you can see the dark pieces of berry, as well as some red and gold holo to add a little pop.

Although the berries have been ground down, processed, and cast directly into the resin, you will still need sharp woodturning tools for these blanks (HSS or carbide). Machining them on metal lathes is possible, but may cause some of the berry pieces to tear out instead of being sliced when encountered.

The blanks are available in 5", 6", and 9" lengths and are .75" in diameter. If you need a custom length other than that please let me know. Pricing is for one blank. Multiple are pictured to give an idea of the red/gold variation between pieces. Finished pen pictured to show one of the blanks turned with the gold undertones.

Each blank comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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