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Rowan Berry Tree of Life Fountain Pen

Rowan Berry Tree of Life Fountain Pen

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Handcrafted on-site in our brick and mortar pen shop, this fountain pen is made with Rowan Berries from the oldest, last known natural Tree of Life grove in North America, The Orchard. After specially treating berries harvested from the trees, they were processed and cast in resin in-house for use with this pen series. The resin is a beautiful red, similar to the berries, with subtle gold undertones running throughout. There are also little pops of brilliance from red and gold holographic powder in the resin. 

The hardware is all solid brass, including the brass rollstop on the cap. At the tail end of the body is a bronze finial showing the 5 point star seen on the bottom of Rowan berries. 

The nib is a medium Schmidt that is a cartridge/converter fill. The pen includes a Certificate of Authenticity that explains the 4,000 year old significance of the Tree of Life through many cultures and religions. 

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