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GW Dragonscale Rollerball Pen with Field Notes 5E Character Journal

GW Dragonscale Rollerball Pen with Field Notes 5E Character Journal

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GW Pens is excited to offer the dragonscale rollerball pen, with an antique pewter finish, available in 3 different resins. Choose from ice blue, golden brown, or ivory white. Each pen features a dragon theme throughout with a claw centerband, dragon clip, and talons grasping the Tiger's Eye cabachon finial, for the eye of the dragon. The section and bottom finial are also designed with 3D dragonscales!

Your new pen comes with a top of the line German made Schmidt 5888 rollerball ink cartridge. This ceramic tipped cartridge will easily glide across the pages with no skipping.

As an authorized retailed for Field Notes brand journals we've decided to pair these pens with the new Field Notes 5E Character Journal, designed specifically to be used with the Fifth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. The larger-than-usual journal measures 4.75" x 7.5" and includes a pack of 2 journals. Each journal includes a character creation sheet as well as pages designed for tracking your spells, weapons, treasure, and much more. Will our dragonscale pens help you on your quest? Probably not, but they'll be fun to use!

GW Pens is not affiliated with Dungeons & Dragons. If shipped to a NJ address sales tax will be added.

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