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GW Beta in Swirly Blue Accent Fountain Pen Clipless

Designer: GW Pens

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The GW Beta collection is the second pen in the series of custom fountain pens handcrafted in my Pitman, NJ pen studio. 

Both ends are capped with dark blue acrylic finials along with a thinner blue acrylic centerband that matches the deeper blue tones in the pen body and cap. This pen can be used as an eye drop filler pen, though it can also accept cartridges. If you use the pen as an eye drop filler be sure to use a small dab of silicone grease on the lower section threads (available at most hardware stores). 

The pen measures 5 3/4" capped, just over 7" when posted with a body length of just over 5". The pen weighs in at just about 0.6oz. I currently have 1 in stock fitted with a F polished steel JoWo #6 nib ready to ship. Different nibs are available but may need to be special ordered, please contact me if interested.

If shipped to a NJ address 7% sales tax will be added. Free shipping in the US with reduced international shipping.

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