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Blue Black and Gray Handcrafted Fountain Pen

Designer: GW Pens

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This handcrafted fountain pen sports a beautiful body made from imported Italian resin. The rectangular blue, black, and grayish-silver design has amazing depth and shimmer that is nearly impossible to fully appreciate from just a picture. Before inserting the inner brass tube, the inside of the resin was painted with a hand mixed shade of blue to help accentuate the true beauty within. 

The resin was then mounted on a wood lathe where handtools were used to shape it while it rotated at 3,000 RPM. It was next sanded from 400 grit all the way to 12,000 grit to remove any sign of tool marks. Lastly, it was buffed with a special rouge to remove any last signs of microscopic scratches, leaving an amazing shine and deep shimmer. 

The hardware is entirely gold and rhodium plated. Rhodium, a member of the platinum group of metals, has long been used in fine writing instruments for its durability and shine. The center band and finials all feature raised 3D artwork in gold plate, with the clip offering a a smooth swoosh in rhodium. The cap can be posted to the back if you wish, but the pen has a good enough weight and balance that posting is not required. 

Included with this handcrafted fountain pen, and arguably what makes this ultimately considered a fine writing instrument, is a genuine medium point Bock nib. Bock is known worldwide and is often referred to as "The name brand nib". It is so highly regarded by fountain pen users that many well known pen companies simply re-brand Bock nibs as their own. 

This pen comes with a Private Reserve Velvet Black disposable ink cartridge, as well as a converter. It does not include a bottle of ink. 

The pen will ship in a black pen box. You may also want to consider a handcrafted leather journal before completing checkout. 

Ready to ship, ships for Free via Priority Mail within the Continental US. If shipped to a NJ address 7% sales tax will be added. 

**GW Pens is proud to have been commissioned to make pens for The President of the United States and His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales** 

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