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GW Pens - Take time to stop and ink

Chances are if you're taking the time to handwrite something, it's important to you. A note to a loved one, a letter to an old friend, or maybe even signing an important document. So why use just any pen that happens to be laying around? 

Not only do my handcrafted pens feel as great in your hand as they look, they all write like a dream. The ballpoint and rollerball pens all use top of the line Schmidt cartridges. The fountain pens all use German made Bock or JoWo nibs that have been tuned and tested by me to be sure they glide across the paper. Guaranteed.

I make each pen by hand in my Pitman, NJ pen studio with the same attention to detail as the pens I was commissioned to make for President Obama, Prince Harry, and Pope Francis. If you're local or will be in the area, feel free to contact me to arrange to stop by and see the showroom or tour the back studio area. 

Some lines of my pens are available for wholesale orders. If you would like to discuss a custom pen for you, a friend, or even a series of pens for a wedding party there is no obligation until you are ready to have me begin making the pens.

Since this is a family business you will start to see some products under the moniker of KiNG Designs. These are pieces my daughter has either designed or created herself.

Thank you for your interest in my work. I hope you will always take time to stop and ink.

Kindest Regards,

John Greco
Owner, GW Pens

GW Palladian Featured in June 2015 Pen World Magazine 

Notable Commissions: