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Handcrafted Stone Alabaster Rollerball Pen in Red or Gray


Designer: GW Pens

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Made to order, please contact me for availability.

Stunning and captivating, this handcrafted rollerball pen has a body and cap made from solid Alabaster stone. The natural veining in the stone has made it a favorite for stone sculptors, adding a level of depth and beauty beyond just the magnificent color. Here, the stone goes perfectly with the rhodium and 22k gold plated pen hardware which also features a genuine Swarovski crystal on the clip. 

I have been working with a US based company who has been mining both red and gray Alabaster for years. Working with Alabaster is a little different than wood, but it is soft enough to allow me to use most of the same tools. Of course, because it is a softer stone, care needs to be taken with the pen. This is best suited for a shirt pocket or desk. 

At first glance the idea of a pen from solid stone sounds like it might be too heavy, but this is only slightly heavier than an Oak pen. I also made sure to only use the stone on specific pen hardware sets that have exceptional balance. When writing with this, it will feel as if the pen nestles right into your hand. The cap can be posted to the rear if you choose, but the pen body has a fantastic feel that allows it to stand on its own. The included Schmidt rollerball ink cartridge adds another element of effortless writing. When the ink runs out, simply unscrew the tip to replace it with a new cartridge, available at most office supply stores. 

Your new pen will ship in a black GW pen case with red satin lining. Made to order, please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for delivery. If shipped to a NJ address 7% sales tax will be added. Please select if you would like this in gray, red, or a matching set including 1 of each. Due to natural variations in the stone no 2 will ever be alike. Because of this, your pen body will be slightly different than the picture. 

**GW Pens is proud to have been commissioned to make pens for The President of the United States and His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales** 

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